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if any of yall are playing the new remedy game Control i need u to @ me and tell me how many jackets jesse faden should have

i'm hunting for a desk job and it's hard

i can't go back to my current job, at least not for very long. i was living in a haze of ibuprofen and exhaustion. even being down for the count during surgery recovery, i'm in less pain than i was in at a workday. i also wasn't meeting productivity standards, so i don't feel secure that they want me back at all.

but there are so few desk jobs in my area. and the ones i do find, i'm not qualified for. i'm applying for the ones i think i am qualified for, but there's one i'm on the cusp of (i meet the bare minimum, but none of the preferred) and it doesn't feel like it's worth the effort to put together a cover letter and make myself feel like it's possible. every rejection hurts, even the ones i know are coming.

i need a desk job. i need a job that doesn't have me on my feet 40 hours a week. constant walking is exacerbating whatever arthritis shit is happening in my knees/hips/ankles and i need to be able to use my mobility aids if i need them.

i just want a job that doesn't make my brain and body want to die? i would also settle for not needing a job to stay alive in this horrible corporate hellscape, but it doesn't seem like we're going to crush capitalism in the next month

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it may seem like I'm very busy but in fact I'm really just inattention personified

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looks like it's a mountain goats kind of night

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me, who has never even been through a major breakup, listening to songs about a slowly and destructively failing marriage: ah, the song of my people

rotato the potato

in your head in your head zombie zombie zombie e e e e e e e-eee and he's long gone when he's next to me and i realize the blame is on me

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people say there isn't enough content on this site like... we have TONS of cat pictures. what other content do you need


dont forget about take it easy thursday

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trans rights are human rights

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This is the post with the most notes on the site currently


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i'm going back through my old writing and wanted to share with you quite possibly the best line i've ever written (which i wrote long before it turned out it would happen to me):

I don’t want to be here, at this new school. I’m gay, I’ve got a ton of secrets, and I don’t want to talk to ANYBODY.

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rb if you're gay, you've got a ton of secrets, and you don't want to talk to ANYBODY

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as a proud owner of 2,5 aesthetic blogs i need some onions on the topic "stimming is not made for aesthetic so aesthetic blogs has no busyness reblogging gifs of it"

i don't remember where exactly i saw this statement. of course if it's in a DNI of a blog i am going to respect it but what about stimming in general? is it ok for me to reblog stimming gifs i see around solely for the aesthetic of them or nah? want opinions from neurodivirgent pals who use stimming

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Its just visual stimming. Stimming just stands for "stimulating". People stim because it tickles their brains fancy some type of way and that feels nice, so in my opinion, while it doesnt' feel the same as a traditional aesthetic blog, its very much so adjacent just by concept alone, so there should be no harm in it. But then again, thats coming from my dumbass who has never been diagnosed as autistic (though I do have some beliefs about what we define as autism and how a lot of those traits are inately human already, but thats a whole other think piece).

Stimming shouldn't be this controversial or problematic thing, imo. Its just stimming! Those things are/can be stimmy! Anyone can theoretically stim.

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aesthetic blogs can and should reblog stim gifs

1) because stim gifs are also often in aesthetic shapes n colors. an aes blog is literally just a place where you put pretty pics and gifs?

2) some people who run aes blogs stim

3) the more reblogs the more people see the stim gif, which is ultimately good

4) some people who follow aes blogs stim

5) i believe the hesitence comes from the idea of "aes blogs reblogging stim gifs is making the ACT OF STIMMING out to be an aesthetic" which i dont think is anyone's intention when reblogging stim gifs

6) there is inherent overlap in stim gifs vs aesthetic gifs, since both are nice-visual things

7) example: themed stim boards. a stim board with a unifying aesthetic

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ADHD says... everything boring

they might be giants - re-pete offender

they might be giants has always been super hit or miss for me, but when they HIT they HIT u know. the chorus of this one gets me super good.

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So what's this rewrite thing then? Click here to find out!

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i really appreciate all this transparency! it means a lot to know what to expect, and have a chance to comment on changes with the knowlege that user feedback actually goes into the plans.

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true intimacy is when you crochet or knit using one end of a ball of yarn while somebody else uses the other end

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when you meet in the middle you have to fight

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alternately, when u meet in the middle, u have to kiss

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An Anonymous user asked:

How I reblog without being sent to my dashboard? It's very annoying when I'm searching a tag and I can't seem to reblog somthing without having to perform the search again.

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For the moment you can't, that's a UI thing that'll be fixed in the rewrite.

The joys of beta sites.

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my current workaround is to open reblogs in a new tab so i don't lose my place - ctrl/command click the reblog button

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so i just found this Library of Congress site where you can transcribe papers written by suffragettes and never in my life have i so cursed my complete inability to read cursive.

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for example

Mother has been ill, het ip v_t , hav gove to vii ab - ko_ ____ hew , oh_ i __ w I am ab B im hew_I ___, in_ lay all _ _ a for i am c _ to h_ . B_ w_ address. More . - Be a good girl, - me a "" + Anna

This is some wheel of fortune shit, and at this point i can more reliably sound out Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Korean than i can cursive English lmao

lime -

mother has been ill

(het/hel-/but) is* better, - (unintelegable)

(hau/haer/hair?/have?/lair/lau/laer) (g/y/q)oue (unintelegable) about

Lowe*2 bu_ _ierss (lie?/in) hem

luck*3, oher is not

whether*4 i am at B_ttyie/B_ttis

* notice that the s on has looks the same

*2 it looks like a capital letter so im guessing its a name

*3 solid guess here mate

*4 please this handwriting is a pain

katiebirdie -

here's my guess:

Mother has been ill,

but is better. As/so I

have gone to the Abbot(?)-

Lowe* business in New

Luck(?)*, she is not like/kind(?)

whether I am at Betty's

in New Luck or Phila(?),

+/and*, indeed Mrs/his/New Canlay/Can Lay*

are/all that with a

chore(?) [unsure] for I

am carefree but/not to

her(?) this/thee.

Betty wants Lulu's(?)


More a----(?)*: Be a good girl,

don't think me a "loon" +/and prove/promise(?) that I(?) love

him(?) after all(?)


*Probably a business, can't tell if the dash is because of spacing or is in the name originally

*I'm certain this is a town, but can't tell the second word for sure. Might be Luk?

*I've seen a "+" used as a substitute for "and" a lot, but don't know when if the trend started recently

*Might be a town called New Can Lay/Canlay, but not sure. Depends on if the next word is "are" or "all"

*Probably something like "additions" due to context, but can't read it well

amias-as-i-am -

i think you're reading a swirly capital Y as a capital L, because that town is definitely named "new york" not "new luck". hence "phila" - writer is in the philadelphia/new york region

"Mother has been ill,

but is better. + I

have gone to see about

some business in New

York, she is not sure

whether I am at Betty's

in New York or Phila[delphia],

+ indeed, they can

[lay all that with a

char cruckiveck]* for

I am careful not to

tell them.

Betty wants Lulu's


[More avou]*. - Be a

good girl, doll - think me

a "loon" + know that I love

thee always. - Anna

* i also think there's probably a difference in idioms? it seems to me that "lay all that with a [whatever the words are]" is some kind of dismissive saying but i'm not sure. i think i mostly got the gist, though, with everybody's input.